The Kisses of the Moon are works of art in their own right.
Only the support distinguishes them from photographic prints
That one crosses in the galleries or the museums.

They are the pleasure of a discovery, the pleasure of watching them,
The pleasure of wearing them, the pleasure of showing them, and also
The memory of the pleasures they will remind you of.

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"Rève de Chopin" - Surreal ballad in the universe of passionate romanticism "
The whole world speaks of George Sand and Frederic Chopin, but no one knows exactly what they thought.
The vibrations of the music and the words they have written are fascinating because they let their subconscious speak ...
Our project Chopin tells the story of a passionate love between two artists: George Sand - an orchid in the body of a Vampire and Frederic Chopin - a tiger disguised as a butterfly ...
But how did an orchid and a tigrepovy love each other in 19th century Europe?
We tell the story of a melancholic, fragile and passionate composer, by the fusion of his music and the pictorial symbolism that try to discover the mystery that will never be disclosed ...

Anna Sutyagina, pianist and artistic director:
Born in Russia, lives in Munich. Her motto: "Music is all about fantasy"

Chopin dream

Anna Sutyagina

Pascal Barnier - creative photographer - all rights reserved.


Energetic Silk
Kisses of the Moon