Energy Silks are works of art in their own right.
Only the support distinguishes them from photographic prints
That one crosses in the galleries or the museums.

They are the pleasure of a discovery, the pleasure of watching them,
The pleasure of wearing them, the pleasure of showing them, and also
The memory of the pleasures they will remind you of.

A source of energy in which you can relax by letting go your thoughts.

Square : 90 x 90 cm - 120,00 € Stock : 2
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A perfume of adventure.
When you wear Aventura, you are accompanied by the spray, the melody of the waves, the shimmering horizon.
With you, the solar sunflowers, the poppy poppies, the Chevreufeuille Master, the passionate Tulips and the Iris, the sister of Hermes ...

The energy of travel and discovery.

Pascal Barnier - Artist - all rights reserved


Energetic silk
Kisses of the moon